Who Killed JFK In Houston? A Theory.

Who Killed JFK In Houston?

This is a question that has plagued the world for 52 years. JFK was a bit too liberal for the rest of the government at the time. He wanted to make too many reforms. In his own words, he wanted to “Smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” over their Bay Of Pigs fiasco. He sacked the Director of CIA, Allen Dulles, shortly before he was assassinated. Allen Dulles, funnily enough, ended up being one of the members of the -you guessed it- Warren Commission which investigated JFK’s death.

Now, it is no big secret that JFK’s dad used his influence with the mafia -particularly a mobster named Sam Giancana- to get Jack elected. But the Kennedys had every intention of nailing the mob through Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General. But JFK’s biggest mob related mistake could have been screwing around with Giancana’s mistress.

So Kennedy had to go. It was at the hands of the military industrial complex, BUT they needed some help with the operation. This is where Mossad and French intelligence come in.

Watch this video and make your own decision.

As for Lee Harvey Oswald…he really was just a fall guy. I think he was connected to the mafia. But no way was he the lone gunman. He had some serious help. Let’s consider some of the forensic evidence.

JFK was hit three times. The first was to the throat. This bullet came from in front, as even the Zapruder film shows. The second bullet came from behind, and was most likely the one fired by Oswald. This is the “magic bullet” that went through Kennedy and into Gov. Connelly. The third fatal head shot also came from the front.

Eyewitness reports from Dealey Plaza (which were, of course supressed by the media) claim that two or three men with guns were seen hanging around the Grassy Knoll. Most people considered them to be Secret Service Agents. Bernard Barker, a CIA agent who would gain infamy nine years later as one of the Watergate burglars, was also on the scene. Possibly overseeing the operation. Guess who else happened to be in Dallas on November 22nd? Richard Nixon! Could be a coincidence.

So, long story short, JFK was killed because he was stepping on too many toes. And when you do that, you’re gone.

NASA’s Space Center Houston and City Sightseeing Tour

One of the most exciting things you can do when you come to Houston, Texas is experience the excitement of outer space. The official visitor center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center where you can hop aboard a tram for an orientation tour.

One of Houston’s top attractions, the Space Center boasts a number of interactive displays with everything from space artifacts to a full-size rocket and space shuttle. You can see real astronauts at work at the NASA facility and learn about space exploration from fascinating hands-on exhibits. The day also includes a 1.5-hour Houston city sightseeing tour by open-top bus before your visit.

Make your own way downtown to meet your bus for a narrated sightseeing tour of Houston. During the 90-minute tour by double-decker open-top bus, pass by City Hall, Minute Maid Park – home of the Houston Astros baseball team, Hermann Park, Houston’s Museum District and much more.

Afterward, transfer to a comfortable coach that takes you to Space Center Houston and NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Although high-profile space flights launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, most of the planning and training for the US space program takes place in Houston.

Your day includes a 90-minute tram tour that takes you onto the grounds of the Johnson Space Center. See both the new and original Mission Control centers and the International Space Station Assembly Building. Watch NASA staff at work, especially fascinating if a shuttle mission is in progress. You might even catch a glimpse of astronauts in training at Building 9. Be amazed at the impressive Saturn V Rocket, which stands 36 stories tall and is the most powerful rocket ever built.

After the tram tour, have free time to explore the exhibits at Space Center Houston, NASA’s official visitor center. Astronaut Gallery features the world’s most comprehensive collection of spacesuits. Check out Apollo 17, the last manned spacecraft to fly to the moon. Experience what it’s like to be on the Space Shuttle at the interactive Living In Space gallery and take a close look at a full-size replica of the Space Shuttle.

You can purchase lunch at the NASA cafeteria — you might even spot a NASA astronaut dining there. Or head to Zero-G Diner to choose from a variety of cuisines.

At the designated time, meet your bus for the return trip to downtown Houston where your tour ends. The day tour costs $79.95 for adults and half that for children. Here’s an example of what you can expect on a tour:




Haunted Houston. Be Prepared To Be Scared.

Do you like a good scare? The Houston region is one of most haunted destinations in the U.S., where ghostly pirates still patrol the waters and heiresses remained tied to their mansions.

The number one destination for having the bejeebers scared out of you is, the Downtown Houston building that now houses The Spaghetti Warehouse at 901 Commerce St. It’s said to have once housed fur pelts and at one point served as a warehouse for pharmaceuticals. The ghost stories begin when a young pharmacist accidentally fell into the open elevator shaft and fell to his death. His wife, traumatized with grief, died about a year later. It is said that the pair haunt the vast restaurant, messing with the furniture, moving dishes and silverware, and tapping guests on the shoulder or pulling their hair. Take a look at this video and decide for yourself whether The Spaghetti Warehouse is haunted:

Diners have also spotted floating objects and cool, clammy breezes. Many of the employees at the Spaghetti Warehouse have stories of their own and are afraid to venture upstairs.

Hosting six Presidents while in office, The Rice Hotel, 909 Texas St is where John F. Kennedy spent his last night before being assassinated in November 1963. Visitors report of cold spots, rattling doors and moving beds in JFK’s room.

Anchored just off the Houston Ship Channel floats the historic monument to those who fought and died in two world wars is the battleship Texas at 3523 Battleground Road. Visitors report inexplicable voices and noises, odd images appearing in photographs and of apparitions. A friendly red-headed sailor who died while on duty is said to occasionally appear on the second deck. Based on personal experiences by visitors, this ship is a site to see for those who believe in the paranormal.